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Z: DVD Cover

For Raven Banner Entertainment’s release of Z, Uncle Frank Productions was asked to design the cover for the limited edition blu-ray release.

The film is about a little boy and his imaginary friend “Z”. What starts out as harmless, typical behaviour for a child, begins to worry the family once the presence of “Z” becomes increasingly threatening.

For the design, Raven Banner specifically asked for a silhouetted version and recreation of the artwork as seen in the film. Whilst it works perfectly in the movie, it does not come across as effectively on the cover. After testing variations, Ilan decided that a witty inclusion of the family’s silhouettes forming the body of the creature was the most compelling choice. This is coupled with red eyes and small hand prints to give a sense of scale. It depicts the creature as daunting without revealing too much.

The final challenge was to incorporate the title of the film. Having a single letter as the title causes issues in a graphical layout. A single letter has to be a certain size for the purpose of orientation. “The 6th Sense” for example has the no. 6 as a prominent image, and it works merely as a silhouette. With that in mind, Ilan effectively wanted to have the letter “Z” large on the cover without distracting from the artwork. Cutting it into the graphic was the ideal way to do this.

Bonus Features include a director’s commentary, behind the Scenes, deleted Scenes, numerous Featurettes and many more.

Buy the limited edition blu-ray for Z right off the site:

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