Brigi notes:

Horror DNA is one of the UK's and US's longest running, dedicated horror news websites. Previously working under Horror Talk the website went through a hefty rebranding which includes the animated intro to their new YouTube Channel.

Ilan: I wanted the intro to feel organic so each frame is hand drawn (digitally) to coincide with elements of the music Headcinema produced. Bubbles burst to the notes, the growls and the scream at the end, It was important to make it look wild and but everything is still choreographed carefully so that it's fun to look at it. Ilan: The branding and promotional material for Horror DNA was very unsettling with reference to various body horror elements, but the YouTube channel will be a lot more personal with the personalities of the contributors front and centre which, while professional, tends to favour humour.

Mariam: I was really excited to work on this. Horror DNA is a fantastic platform, and a contribution to the new era of video would allow me to be a part of something great. It is, however, amazing how much thought can go into a few seconds of sound design. It needed to be catchy, represent the brand and be the appropriate intro to a variety of Horror DNA's journalists. Seeing it come together with the animation, really got me excited about what their online presence would look like. Daniel Benson - Chief UK editor of Horror DNA: It's Amazing work, I keep listening, watching and hearing and seeing different things each time. The layers in the music are great.


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