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DICKS GALORE: Dead Dicks packaging Design

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Canadian filmmakers Lee Paula Springer and Chris Bavota have released the blu-ray to their latest feature film “DEAD DICKS” through Raven Banner, and Uncle Frank Productions has had the pleasure of designing the cover and physical content.

The film is about Richie, a suicidal young man, who finds that every time he kills himself, he is reborn through a vagina-like opening in his bedroom, whilst the last body remains in his apartment. When his sister joins, the two try to navigate through this unusual situation.

Developing a concept for this project was no easy task. Whilst the film depicts some very serious subject matter, it simultaneously has humorous elements that add to a dynamic pacing and reflect a specific balance when it comes to the character’s psyche. Then, of course, there is the title that is fun and certainly stands out.

Springer comments on the collaboration, “With a movie like ‘Dead Dicks’, which was made with a lot of heart but the tiniest of micro-budgets, it is a miracle to just finish the film, let alone play in festivals and actually get a physical release. Having the folks at Raven Banner include us in the process was beyond anything we could have imagined, and when they asked whether we had any artists in mind to create exclusive poster and Blu-ray art for the project, Uncle Frank Productions was at the top of our list.”

She goes on to add, “Having seen his amazing work for Grimmfest and the Unnamed Footage Festival, we just knew he’d bring his striking, original eye and deep love for genre stories to the pieces — and he hit it out of the park! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the release and the wonderfully quirky and disturbing artwork that so captures our weird little baby.”

The limited edition blu-ray includes, amongst other things, an o-card designed by Ilan Sheady, a mini poster of limited art (first printing only), the soundtrack, director’s commentary, behind the scenes featurettes and many more.

Get the limited Edition release now:

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