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BUGIEALLO: Creating a Legend

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The design is meant to be a mock poster for a Giallo that never existed. Co-founder of the UFF Russel Fisher describes the project:

“We've been building upon our own lore with each Unnamed Footage Festival. The movie poster that Ilan created was integral to a story that we published for badge holders. The story revolves around an alternate reality where an Italian film director and several others who are associated with his film are mysteriously murdered.”

Ilan wanted the design to suit the unmistakable style of 1970s Italy. The artwork has an airbrush feel. Over the years, he has created his own Giallo character - a young lady with blond hair, also seen on Grimmfest's Giallo poster - which is part of the world this fictional film plays in.

“Ilan’s artistic talent and love of horror films”, Russel adds, “Made him the perfect candidate to create an era-specific movie poster that adhered to the particular stylings of the Italian horror sub-genre.”

Until this lock-down is finally a thing of the past, a free PDF of the book that the art accompanied is available to anyone who emails:

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