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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

''Shock Value: Legacy'' is a Horror Comic Anthology, a kickstarter campaign founded by Hellbound Media, which was not their first, but definitely the most successful one yet. As being huge fans of horror of all kinds, Hellbound Media wanted to pay a tribute to the monsters that always come in mind when we think of classical horror.

It consists of ten different horror stories, each inspired by various original movie monsters ranging from Dracula to werewolves all the way to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Despite that, all the stories are given a ''Hellbound'' twist. Summed up in a 92 page book, it features impressive artwork from all around the globe. By creating it, not only do they focus on creating quality horror content, they also assist in keeping the horror comic scene alive.

Ilan created 6 artworks in total, the cover art above is a mix of all the other comics, all their characters combined.The attention to detail is impressive, he was careful to select out an element or a body part of each character, warping it all together into a lump of gory mass shaped into something that looks like a heart.

"Creators Matt Warner and Mark Adams commissioned me to create a cover that showed my personal take on the original horror icons with a body-horror twist. In the end, to give each of the legends the respect they deserve, each was given their own cover in addition to a genetic hybrid". - Ilan Sheady

What represents the classic monsters in the comic are the muted but somehow still thrilling colours chosen by the artist, due to the similarity between the colour palette and the one of an older horror movie. It also compliments the content of the comic, which is black and white.

"The inspiration behind each cover comes from various infamous representations of the body horror genre including John Carpenter's The Thing, Brian Yuzna's Society and Yoshiaki Kawajiri's Wicked City". - Ilan Sheady

The body-horror twist Ilan has used make the art covers interesting to look at, captivating, eyecatching. That is everything an art cover should be in order to get the viewer's attention so they can enjoy being captivated before they experience the content.

Because of that, the colour palette being the exact same in each cover art, all six of them work amazingly individually or as a collection.

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