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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This set of posters was created for ''Duck Season'', a short film presented by Headcinema Productions and Uncle Frank Productions. Mariam Michael Draeger started her artistic career as a ghost writer. Soon enough, she followed her passion for Horror and created German-based Headcinema productions, which provides service worldwide for everything Horror, from music to live events, matching a suitable team to each project and valuing the human perspective of art, always loving what it does and staying true to the slogan of ''The elegant art of Scary and Strange''.

The project began at the request of Canadian directors Jen and Silvia Soska, both active in the horror scene. Every ''Women in horror recognition'' month, they encourage everyone to donate blood for the WIH Massive Blood Drive, a blood donation campaign.

Each February, the Soska Twins invite numerous filmmakers from around the world to create a public service announcement encouraging blood donation, simultaneously connecting it to horror.

Why even a single blood donation matters? In the modern world we live in today, we do not realise that we as individuals have the power to still do good in the world. Sadly, we are not able to fix every problem in the world at once, but with just one blood donation, a life could be saved, we can only imagine what we could do with more donations.

This year they invited Mariam Draeger, (amongst others) to direct a short film, even though she works as a music and film producer, creative director, presenter and author yet technically, not as a director. One may ask himself whether an artist, making its ''directing debut'' and having no budget could be able to create quality content. Nevertheless, in collaboration with Uncle Frank Productions and with friends' help, Mariam Draeger perfectly managed to get the message across with ''Duck Season''.

While brainstorming, Ilan thought of the bright idea of blood somehow running out in the film. Him and Mariam both asked themselves: ''What would be so contrasting to a bloody murder, that it will get the viewer to actively help?'' After a time of thinking, the duckies came along. To emphasise the irony of blood being replaced by rubber duckies, Ilan created two posters for the short film, brilliantly designing a new version of two famous horror masterpieces, Carrie (1976) and The Shining (1980). With each having two notorious bloody scenes, both were a great opportunity for him to portray the protagonists as rubber duckies, being surrounded by or covered in blood. Additionally, by placing the word ''quack'' in the most known lines of each movie, he once again underlined the irony that comes with something as silly and as innocent as rubber duckies.

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