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Updated: Jun 19, 2021

UFF (Unnamed Footage Festival) , a film-festival in San Francisco which has been working together with Uncle Frank Productions since 2017, takes place for the third time in 2020. This year, Ilan created a poster for the event, which works as a VHS cover and a T-shirt design as well. Founded by The Overlook Theatre, the festival is a product of a conversation about the almost endless ways to get creative with the in-world camera perspective and how often these films do not receive the credit they deserve.

''We realised we could build a platform to give new life to lost movies we loved, and a place to discover talented new filmmakers who were being ignored by other venues for working in this strange, challenging style.'' - Overlook Theatre They decide which footage is played through a Freeway Account where they get submissions, but they also explore movies throughout the year by attending other film festivals or researching on the internet. The movie in question is watched by each programmer and is then discussed by the team about whether it should be shown or not, usually the majority decides. ''We want found footage to be seen in a legitimate theatre, with no distractions, for people to talk about what they watched, and to share it with their friends and so forth.'' - Overlook Theatre

Lensface, the eerie UFF mascot which Ilan portrayed accordingly in the poster, was created the second time the festival took place. To make UFF more distinguishable, Overlook Theatre created a concept of a mythological creature that could act as a larger methaphor for the audiences that appreciate the in-world-camera narrative. They then sent their request to Trevor Henderson, an artist who specialises in discovering monsters in real photographs, and picked the elements of Trevor's sketches they liked the most, all this resulting in Lensface.

The poster Uncle Frank Productions created shows the UFF mascot placed both in the fore and background, to create the illusion of it being omnipresent with its dripping, almost decomposing body. Several major characters from the movies they are screening are in the background, including Alijah Wood from the movie ''Maniac''. Lensface is holding numerous camera tapes in both hands, giving the viewer hints about the festival's passion of found footage. The overall colour palette consists of cool blues and purples, yet the title ''Unnamed Footage Festival'', designed as if it was written on yellow strips, fully stands out, it additionally being slashed by claws, leaving bloody marks. By choosing eye-catching colours and portraying the characters according to what the festival is about, Ilan victoriously designed UFF's poster for the year 2020, which was a success.

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