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Art direction for The Northwest’s biggest horror and fantasy film festival. We first worked with Grimmfest in 2015 and ever since we have annualy provided artwork with great success. Since then Grimm's brand has only gotten stronger and stronger with bigger venues, bigger sponsors and bolder artwork.
The Grimmfest artwork appeared heavily in Uncle Frank Production's 2016 art exhibition promoting the release of our book Sexy Scary Stupid.

Who: Grimm Up North

What: Posters, Digital Screens, Vinyl Banners, Publication covers, Guest Passes and Merchandise

When: 2016

Grimmfest 2016 Poster
Grimmfest 2016 Quad Poster
Grimmfest 2016 Artwork No Text
Grimmfest 2016 Cinema Screen
Grimmfest Cinema Poster
Grimmfest 2016 Bex Poster Variant
Grimmfest Publications
Grimmfest 2016 Preliminary Sketch
Grimmfest 2016 Printout
Grimmfest Exhibition Artwork
Grimmfest Collection
Grimmfest 2016 Tshirt
Colour Tshirt Design
Bex Photoshoot
Bex Cision with Bex
Grimmfest 2017 poster
Grimmfest 2017 Artwork Textless
Grimmfest 2017 sketch
Grimmfest 2017 first design
Grimmfest 2015 poster
Grimmfest 2015 Poster
Grimmfest 2014 Cinema Screen
Goblin Suspiria Poster
Starburst Magazine Advertisement
Grimmfest Poster Exhibition
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