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Created the artwork for the 10th novel by controvertial author Dani Brown, lovingly known as 'The Queen of Filth'.

Known among her fans for writing disturbing and twisted stories that pushed the boundaries of acceptability, 'Broccoli' is the title that took it even further and so Dani's regular publishers wouldn't publish it. 

Using this as a diving point into self publishing we were tasked with creating the sexy but potentially disturbing artwork as well as branding the covers for future and possibly past titles that will be released under Dani's own brand.

Who: Dani Brown

What: Artwork, Book Packaging, Banners, Branding, Logo

When: 2017

Dani Brown's Broccoli Poster
Dani Brown 'Broccoli' Sketch
Dani Brown's Broccoli, Textless
Coffee and Broccoli
Dani Brown's Broccoli Cover
Dani Brown's Broccoli Cover
Dani Brown's Broccoli and Coffee
Broccoli first editions and Proof
Dani Brown's Broccoli: Reverse
Dani Brown's Broccoli Banner
Queen of Filth Icons
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