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Uncle Frank Productions is a film and creative resource studio that specialises in the horror genre. Providing pre-production material like concept art and storyboards, marketing and promotional material and final DVD and Bluray packaging.


First and foremost Uncle Frank Productions consist of long-time devoted fans of the horror genre. We don't see horror as a lesser art form or genre. The horror genre has the most passionate and enthusiastic fan base and with our team of specialists we can put that love and affection into your project.

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Jane Doe Inner Cover v2_Bush
digital a5
DON Portrait
Clapboard Jungle Bluray cover
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Last Unicorn title
The Crow 3
complete artwork dead dicks front
biozombie poster
Hellbound Media's Shock Value: Legacy An
killer klowns
History of the Vampire 3
No Place For A Lady
Battle Royale Poster
once bitten upload
Hellraiser Event Poster