Grimmfest 2018 lineup and poster revealed

September 4, 2018

It's that time of year again when everyone gets ready for Halloween but for the horror fans out there we get ready a little earlier because we know it's horror festival season.


Most people head down south in August/september for Frightfest (or Arrow's Frightfest as it's now known as) but for us northerners we needn't travel far as we have one of the biggest competitors of the festival right in our back garden.


We are super pleased, once again, to be able to provide the artwork for Grimmfest in celebration of their 10 year anniversary and the 5th time we've provided artwork for the festival.


This year however it's even more unique as this time we found ourselves away from our computers as the brief came in meaning we had to use our initiative and thankfully there was an Apple Store just down the road.


This year's poster, featuring Barbara Crampton and the Puppet Master dolls was created using an iPad pro and an apple pencil rather than the huge Wacom monitors that we are used to. In addition rather than using Photoshop we had to learn Procreate very very quickly. The results, though very experimental are very exciting to see as we have new brushes and new physics to adjust to and manipulate.


We are very proud of our artwork and can't wait to see the festival filled with our design (as well as meeting Barbara Crampton herself)


Concept pencil sketch for the overall layout. Originally I was planning on using the Grimm logo skull as the cake but later replaced it with Re-animator's Dr Hill.

Line artwork over the artwork. This was the first image ever created on our iPad so it was a big (though very rough) moment for us.

Barbara Crampton in her famous re-animator turtle neck sweater. It was decided early on to go with neon green from re-animator and an equally shocking pink

Since 2015 the Grimm Grim Reaper has appeared on every Grimmfest poster. We can't leave him out of the birthday celebration.

It was decided that the blood and syringes were too excessive for use in a public space like the cinema so it was toned down quite a bit and the syringes replaced with birthday candles. Also Barbara's eyes were changed from re-animator green back to her more natural blue.

At the end of Re-animator (spoilers) Barbara was brought back from the dead just as the credits role so we liked the idea of this being a follow up to the original but we agree that it'll definitely be more like Barbara with those blue eyes.

The original poster design had a much simpler compodition having the Puppet Master Dolls in front of Barbara's famous reanimator scream-scene. However this was way too simple for a 10th anniversary special.

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