Coulrophobia DVD and Poster Design

November 3, 2017

Created the poster and packaging for the UK release of Coulrophobia. Ensemble posters are extremely difficult to do well but thankfully there were extremely diverse characters in the cast to make it very interesting to work with.

The final artwork for the poster. When you have a large number of characters, none of which are considered a 'main character', it's hard to know who should be the main focus of the poster. In the end we decided on a large close up of Twitch (played by Big Brother's Pete Bennett) as he has the biggest name, his expression the most dynamic and his costume the most intricate therefore providing texture for the upper corners of the poster. 

You'll notice as well that the clowns are colour treated and aligned to have blue tint to the left and a red tint to the right. this makes a much more vibrant appearance while still keeping your eye scanning comfortably over the characters.

Fans of our work will notice that the circus tent tops were previously used in our cover for Lucy Myatt's clown horror novella: Peek A Boo

Under ideal scenarios the concept for the poster and packaging design would be considered during the filming. This means that there won't be any need to recall any of the actors to get back into their costumes again days after filming. Thankfully during shooting there were plenty taken by photographer Chris Tritschler who provided the images for this design. 

 testing the poster in context of the real world

Full wrap artwork sans text and icons on the reverse. The textured poster was created from scratch and the shadowed area on the left secretly hides a vintage, circus-style illustration of Twitch the Jester. 

Disc artwork, surprisingly, looks much better when you throw the copyright disclaimer and logos on it provided you plan them well here the icons are consistent with the layout from Lunarock's other title Zombie Women of Satan 2 that we also worked on.

Full final wrap ready to go to print. You can actually see the hidden image of Twitch the Jester in the lower left of the wrap where the certification normally appears.


 Promotional t-shirt for investors and merchandise 

Coulrophobia is available through Taxi for Otis Productions as of November 13th


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